Lottie Hearn

ConfidenceOn.Camera Coach, Speaker, Author, and #PSAIreland President 2016 in Dublin, Ireland

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Lottie Hearn is the #ConfidenceOnCamera Coach and #LIVEStylePresenting trainer, helping you create your own style of speaking on screen.

Author of the first How-to video+virtual presenter guidebook Confidence on Camera*, Lottie was way ahead of the curve creating #GlobaLIVE connections & collaborations. She pushes you to get energised & involved, finding your way to overcome camera-shyness or presenting fears, with a sigh and a smile…

LIVE video's your connection, interaction, positive intention and learning to @PressPlayPres #StayPlayful.

You CAN present The Best YOU, #ShareYourBizStory and #BeFlawsome, in your own brand-boosting way!

Discover LIVE beyond Zooming-Teams - find wider audiences, build global communities and develop video-based interactive products that reach around the world.


Lottie speaks on stages and screens around the world and coaches LIVE, exactly how she trains people in real life - without ego or judgement, but with focused energy and a smile!

Co-founder of virtual #LadiesGoLIVE community & events, TEDx Dun Laoghaire speakers 2019-20 LIVE & media mentor, she loves to inspire new, young and female speakers to #GoLIVE #GrowLIVE and #ProLIVE to #ThriveLIVE!

Lottie can help you plan, present, promote & repurpose your LIVE shows; build successful online social media, promo and training videos; present global video meetings, webinars, video-chats and LIVE streams that build your business, not harm your visual image. She can also help you DIY simple smartphone Vlogs and Vmails from script to FB / LI/ YouTube and beyond, that boost online interest, influence, impact and earnings!

So whether you have an event needing:

- An "energising, interactive mainstage speaker"

- In-house or global corporate webcam, Virtual meeting or LIVE stream presenter training

- Help for your team to be the face of your business, with group or 1:1 VIP training

...book Lottie to enliven, enthuse and enable your audience to present and boost your business via video today!


*Get the interactive presenter guidebook "Confidence on Camera - 7 steps to present your power on any size screen" Waterstones Best Seller 2015 - available on Amazon & Kindle versions.

Get FREE video, webcam, smartphone & LIVE virtual presenting help www.confidenceon.camera

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